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Propositional bounded model checking has been applied successfully to verify embedded software but is limited by the increasing propositional formula size and the loss of structure during the translation. These limitations can be reduced by encoding word-level information in theories richer than propositional logic and using SMT solvers for the generated(More)
Data analysis is an important scientific task which is required whenever information needs to be extracted from raw data. Statistical approaches to data analysis, which use methods from probability theory and numerical analysis, are well-founded but difficult to implement: the development of a statistical data analysis program for any given application is(More)
Bounded model checking of C++ programs presents greater challenges than that of C programs due to the more complex features that the language offers, such as templates, containers, and exception handling. We present ESBMC++, a bounded model checker for C++ programs. It is based on an operational model, an abstract representation of the standard C++(More)
The present study examined the effects in mice of exposure to di(2-ethyl-hexyl) phthalate (DEHP) throughout pregnancy and lactation on the development and function of the pituitary-gonadal axis in male and female offspring once they have attained adulthood. Groups of two to three dams were exposed with the diet from gestational d 0.5 until the end of(More)
Specification-based retrieval provides exact content-oriented access to component libraries but requires too much deductive power. Specification-based browsing evades this bottleneck by moving any deduction into an off-line indexing phase. In this paper, we show how match relations are used to build an appropriate index and how formal concept analysis is(More)
We describe and evaluate three approaches to model check multi-threaded software with shared variables and locks using bounded model checking based on Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) and our modelling of the synchronization primitives of the Pthread library. In the lazy approach, we generate all possible interleavings and call the SMT solver on each of(More)
Bounded model checking (BMC) has successfully been used for many practical program verification problems, but concurrency still poses a challenge. Here we describe a new approach to BMC of sequentially consistent C programs using POSIX threads. Our approach first translates a multi-threaded C program into a nondeterministic sequential C program that(More)
Early cleavage stage embryos (day 1 p.c.) and morulae (day 3 p.c.) of rabbits were exposed to visible (standard) lighting (1600 lx) and room (standard) temperature (23°C) during a 24 h in-vitro culture. Control embryos were cultured in darkness at 37°C. Development was assessed by light and electron microscopy as well as by the cytochemical demonstration of(More)
The renaissance of the laboratory rabbit as a reproductive model for human health is closely related to the growing evidence of periconceptional metabolic programming and its determining effects on offspring and adult health. Advantages of rabbit reproduction are the exact timing of fertilization and pregnancy stages, high cell numbers and yield in(More)
Recent studies point to a role for adipokines in reproduction. Leptin is involved in embryo metabolism and may participate in embryo-maternal crosstalk. Little is known about potential roles of other adipokines in reproduction. We therefore studied the expression of adiponectin and pathway members during the pre- and periimplantation period in rabbits and(More)