Bernd De Graaf

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We studied the gain of smooth ocular tracking for visual, vestibular and arthrokinetic cues, in combination as well as separately, in order to examine how these multisensory cues influence tracking performance. By use of motion along a linear track (besides the self-evident visual influence) evidence was found for arthrokinetic and vestibular enhancement of(More)
Desdemona is a sophisticated demonstration, simulation, training and research facility specified by TNO Human Factors and developed by AMST Systemtechnik. The Desdemona concept adds a sustainable G-load to the conventional Stewart platform motion, without the angular accelerations encountered in centrifuges during the G-onset. This is accomplished by having(More)
Modern cockpit instruments provide pilots with rich visual and auditory information about the aircraft and the mission. However, the information is not necessarily presented in the most effective way. For example, three-dimensional signals are presented on two-dimensional displays. Moreover, the information is often presented in an abstract manner, which(More)
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