Bernd Breuckmann

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As assyriologists have to handle tremendous amounts of important documents of ancient history written in cuneiform script, like the epic of Gilgamesh, we are developing an efficent system to support their daily tasks. Previous projects demonstrated the application of holography and early close-range 3D scanners for this task. Based on experiences from our(More)
3D documentation and visualization of Cultural Heritage and Arts objects is an expanding application area. The selection of the right technology for these kinds of applications is very important and strictly related to the project requirements, budget and user's experience. In this contribution, we report our experience in the 3D digitization of three(More)
The demands of state-of-the art documentation and analysis of our cultural heritage motivated us for interdisciplinary cooperation between various countries and institutions. This includes a wide range of possible partners, which are a company supplying us with adapted hardware and software for Cultural Heritage; archaeologists working in the field as well(More)
This paper presents the results of a study in which a close-range structured light system is used for the digitization of a cultural heritage object. A Herakles statue, named " Weary Herakles " and located in the Antalya Museum, Turkey was scanned by a Breuckmann optoTOP-HE system. The work comprises the essential steps of the 3D object modeling pipeline,(More)
A Herakles statue, named " Weary Herakles " and located in the Antalya Museum, Turkey was scanned by a Breuckmann structural light system. The work comprises all the necessary steps of the 3D object modeling pipeline, i.e. digitization, registration, surface wrapping, editing and visualization. 3D documentation and visualization of cultural heritage objects(More)
Paintings are typically considered as more or less flat objects with color as the most relevant information. Therefore, they are mainly documented with conventional 2D techniques, which cannot record the 3D relief. However, there are many paintings, especially those with a 3D relief in the mm range, where this relief is an important feature ·(More)
Do you have any idea about the variety of challenging close-up range 3D scanning projects that are realised nowadays by archaeological specialists all over the world? This paper describes several projects that have been realised successfully during the last years in different places all over the world, with various objectives as comparative and dimensional(More)