Bernd Bertsche

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In the case study presented in this paper we consider early development phases of a mechanical product. We want to evaluate different concepts and decide which one(s) to pursue. A problem in early phases is that usually no test runs are available. In our case study, based on a standard, there are ways to compute the lifetime distributions of the components(More)
The higher the reliability requirements on a product are, the more extensive the test must be to ensure the required reliability. One is often unable to obtain a reasonable amount of test items, when stresses approximate normal operating conditions. To reduce sample-sizes and test duration components are exposed to much higher stresses during the test than(More)
Increasing functional requirements and system complexity on the one hand and decreasing time for development as well as cost reduction on the other hand are some of the challenging constraints that nearly all manufacturers face today. Additionally, customers expect high quality products. The present paper illustrates the current situation in(More)
Zusammenfassung Aufgrund der unvollständigen Informationen über ein mechatronisches System stellt die frühe Zuverlässigkeitsbewertung eine große Herausforderung dar. Um die jeweiligen Vorteile zu nutzen, wurden klassische Ansätze in den einzelnen Domänen kombiniert und in eine ganzheitliche Methode zur Zuverlässigkeitsbe-wertung in frühen Entwicklungsphasen(More)
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