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Cardiac Stem Cell and Myocyte Aging, Heart Failure, and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Overexpression
Abstract— To determine whether cellular aging leads to a cardiomyopathy and heart failure, markers of cellular senescence, cell death, telomerase activity, telomere integrity, and cell regenerationExpand
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Characterization of wild type and mutant chicken gizzard alpha calponin expressed in E. coli.
Calponin is a thin filament-associated protein that is implicated in the regulation and maintenance of smooth muscle contraction. Molecular cloning of chicken gizzard calponin indicated the presenceExpand
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Bone Marrow Cells Differentiate in Cardiac Cell Lineages After Infarction Independently
Recent studies in mice have challenged the ability of bone marrow cells (BMCs) to differentiate into myocytes and coronary vessels. The claim has also been made that BMCs acquire a cell phenotypeExpand
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