Bernardo Hernández

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BACKGROUND Verbal autopsy methods are critically important for evaluating the leading causes of death in populations without adequate vital registration systems. With a myriad of analytical and data collection approaches, it is essential to create a high quality validation dataset from different populations to evaluate comparative method performance and(More)
BACKGROUND Monitoring progress with disease and injury reduction in many populations will require widespread use of verbal autopsy (VA). Multiple methods have been developed for assigning cause of death from a VA but their application is restricted by uncertainty about their reliability. METHODS We investigated the validity of five automated VA methods(More)
BACKGROUND In Mexico, the vital registration system relies on information collected from death certificates to generate official mortality figures. Although the death certificate has high coverage across the country, there is little information regarding its validity. The objective of this study was to assess the concordance between the underlying cause of(More)
The present study analyzes the contribution which natural elements in the city make to restorativeness, that is, the potential of certain environments to help recover the capacity to focus attention, reduce mental fatigue, and reduce stress. We presented photographs of 12 urban scenes (streets, industrial areas, and buildings) with and without vegetation to(More)
INTRODUCTION Environmental supports for physical activity may help residents to be physically active. However, such supports might not help if residents' perceptions of the built environment do not correspond with objective measures. We assessed the associations between objective and perceived measures of the built environment among adults in Cuernavaca,(More)
The aim of this work was to develop an instrument (Coping Strategies for Skin Problems Questionnaire) suitable for identifying the coping strategies people use for general skin problems. We analyzed its psychometric properties when applied to a sample of 299 individuals. Factor analysis shows a 6-factor structure referring to the wish to change,(More)
Social relationships had been important in explanation and prediction of attachment to places. Although some have asserted the importance of physical aspects of the environment in the formation of attachment ties to a place, the social environment is required for the formation of bonds to a place, although strong emphasis on the social aspect has been(More)
OBJECTIVE To generate a global reference for caesarean section (CS) rates at health facilities. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Health facilities from 43 countries. POPULATION/SAMPLE Thirty eight thousand three hundred and twenty-four women giving birth from 22 countries for model building and 10,045,875 women giving birth from 43 countries for(More)
Indigenous women in Mesoamerica experience disproportionately high maternal mortality rates and are less likely to have institutional deliveries. Identifying correlates of institutional delivery, and satisfaction with institutional deliveries, may help improve facility utilization and health outcomes in this population. We used baseline surveys from the(More)
Percepción de alteraciones dermatológicas de baja expresión y calidad de vida: el papel mediador del afrontamiento* Palabras clave afrontamiento; análisis mediacional; calidad de vida; percepción de enfermedad; problemas dermatológicos a B s t r a C t The perception of the disease is related to coping strategies and quality of life. The purpose of this(More)