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Modifications of the erythrocyte membrane during blood conservation are studied. The functional condition of the membrane was observed by means of the biosynthesis of lecithines; modifications occurring at the level of the composition of the membrane proteins were then looked for. The study has been carried out on fresh blood and on blood stroed for 8 days,(More)
Alpha-solamargine isolated from the fresh fruits of Solanum americanum Miller was studied for its toxicity. Lethality studies in rats showed a dose-mortality relationship with a LD(50) of 42 mg/kg body weight intraperitoneally. The chronic and subchronic toxicity investigations indicated that the size of the glycoalkaloid dose was more important than the(More)
The cytotoxicity activity against human A375 melanoma, MCF7 breast cancer and K652 leukemia cells of acnistins A, E and L, isolated from the leaves of Acnistus arborescens (L) Schletcht (Solanaceae) and the derivatives, 2,3-5,6-diepoxi-acnistin A and acnistin F, obtained in the laboratory by hemisynthesis, were examined using a microculturetetrazoliun (MTT)(More)
The blood supply of Cardiac Surgery Centers set quantitative and qualitative problems to the Centers of blood dispatch. In this work, from a Lyonese experience on 4,000 E.C.C., authors try to define the best preservative solution, especially for the respiratory function of the red blood cell. The C.P.D. solution (citrate, phosphate, dextrose) answers to(More)