Bernardino Chiaia

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In this paper, we study the progressive collapse of three-dimensional framed structures made of reinforced concrete after the sudden loss of a column. The structures are represented by elastoplastic Euler-Bernoulli beams with elongation-rotation failure threshold. We performed simulations using the discrete element method considering inelastic collisions(More)
The cracking phenomenon of members made of traditional reinforced concrete (RC) or by combining steel fibers and traditional reinforcing bars (R/FRC) is analyzed in this paper. Referring to the tensile zone of a beam subjected to bending moment and axial load, a unique block model is introduced to predict crack widths, crack lengths and crack distances. The(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, we study the response of 2D framed structures made of rectangular cells, to the sudden removal of columns. We employ a simulation algorithm based on the Discrete Element Method, where the structural elements are represented by elasto-plastic Euler Bernoulli beams with elongation-rotation failure threshold. The effect of structural(More)
SUMMARY. In this paper we study the response of 2D framed structures made of reinforced concrete to the sudden removal of columns. For comparative reasons, the 2D frames are considered as part of 3D structures with same overall structural mass and external load potential. In particular, we study two sets of 2D frames, with different height-bay ratio λ of(More)
Progressive collapse of framed structures is a complex topic going beyond the usual tools of structural mechanics. The analogy with the propagation of damage in the framework of fracture mechanics has already brought some theoretical results , especially when the energy fluxes are analyzed. Nevertheless, the difficulty to get representative experimental(More)
547 ABSTRACT The report attempts a broad review of the problem of size effect or scaling of failure, which has recently come to the forefront of attention because of its importance for concrete and geotechnical engineering, geomechanics, arctic ice engineering, as well as in designing large load-bearing parts made of advanced ceramics and composites, e. g.(More)
  • Paolo Cermelli, Gianluca Gemelli, Maria Luisa, Franco Pastrone, Gianluca Allemandi, Albrecht Bertram +38 others
  • 2000
The proceedings of the meeting appear as a special issue of the Rendiconti del Seminario Matem-atico (Università e Politecnico di Torino) and I am indebted to the Editor, Andrea Bacciotti, who gave me the opportunity to publish the papers in this journal. The meeting, as the previous ones, was successful and dense with scientific results, as demonstrated by(More)
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