Bernardino Buenaobra

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Current wired telemedicine systems encounter difficulties when implemented in archipelagic developing countries because of the high cost of fixed infrastructure. In this research, we devised Lifelink, a mobile real-time telemonitoring and diagnostic facility to command and control remote medical devices through mobile phones. The whole process is(More)
We demonstrate an efficient and versatile spectral microthermography technique for identifying hot and cold spots in the active layer of a biased integrated circuit. Hot (cold) spots are regions where heat accumulates more rapidly (slowly) than the average rate of the entire active layer. Knowledge of the hot and cold spot locations is crucial in assessing(More)
Themerit and performance for disturbance estimation of a hardware based embedded system that implements an observer is evaluated. An existing rotational mechanics system that is initially decoupled from the observer is presented as a load where known physical manifestations of disturbance is modelled by piecewise linear approximations. A coupling is(More)
In industrial motion control systems, a reliable thermal protection of dc motors is necessary in reducing motor failures and increasing its lifespan. In this paper, a thermal estimation algorithm for the Brushed DC (BDC) Motor was designed and developed. A steady-state Kalman Filter Algorithm is used to estimate the speed and current states of the BDC Motor(More)
High-contrast microscopy of semiconductor and metal sites in integrated circuits is demonstrated with laser-scanning confocal reflectance microscopy, one-photon (1P) optical-beam-induced current (OBIC) imaging, and detection of optical feedback by means of a commercially available semiconductor laser that also acts as an excitation source. The confocal(More)
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