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We study the limit as N → ∞ of the correlations between simultaneous zeros of random sections of the powers L N of a positive holomorphic line bundle L over a compact complex manifold M, when distances are rescaled so that the average density of zeros is independent of N. We show that the limit correlation is independent of the line bundle and depends only(More)
The Scale-Up estimator (Bernard, Social Science Research, 1991) is network-based estimator for the size of hidden or hard-to-count subpopulations. Several issues are arising in the public health context when the aim is the estimation of injuries occurring in a certain population, where two common problems are present: (i) the fact that small injuries are(More)
The green fluorescent protein (GFP) was used as a marker to study the intracellular transport of vacuolar and secretory proteins in yeast. Therefore, the following gene constructs were expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae under control of the GAL1 promoter: GFP N-terminally fused to the yeast secretory invertase (INV-GFP), the plant vacuolar chitinase(More)
We analyze the cosmological constraints that Archeops (Benoˆıt et al. 2002) places on adiabatic cold dark matter models with passive power-law initial fluctuations. Because its angular power spectrum has small bins in ℓ and large ℓ coverage down to COBE scales, Archeops provides a precise determination of the first acoustic peak in terms of position at(More)
Synchrotron X-ray micro-diffraction studies along the follicle and the hair fibre allowed us to follow the keratinization process and the progressive organization of the keratin: i) molecular organization appeared progressively in the follicle; the formation of alpha-helices was completed inside the follicle. ii) supramolecular organization appeared only(More)
This article aims at pruning noisy or irrelevant subtrees in a set of trees. The originality of this approach, in comparison with classic techniques in prototype selection, comes not from the non-deletion of the whole tree, but rather of some of its subtrees. Our method is based on the computation of confidence intervals on a set of subtrees according to a(More)
Two hundred and forty-four previously untreated patients seen since 1964 in the department of haematology at Saint-Louis hospital were analysed. Clinical data included results of initial work-up and prognosis evaluated by survival rate matched with principal variables: age, sex, histopathology, staging, incidence of clinical and biological systemic(More)