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Shame and Necessity
We tend to suppose that the ancient Greeks had primitive ideas of the self, of responsibility, freedom, and shame, and that now humanity has advanced from these to a more refined moral consciousness.Expand
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Truth and Truthfulness: An Essay in Genealogy
In the late twentieth century, the humanities were wracked by dissent about the status of truth. Relativists, postmodernists, and cynics called into question the very possibility of truth, arguingExpand
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Descartes: The Project of Pure Enquiry
Descartes has often been called the 'father of modern philosophy'.His attempts to find foundations for knowledge, and to reconcile the existence of the soul with the emerging science of his time, areExpand
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Morality: An Introduction to Ethics
Preface Preface to the Canto edition The amoralist Subjectivism: first thoughts Interlude: Relativism Subjectivism: further thoughts 'Good' Goodness and roles Moral standards and the distinguishingExpand
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Problems of the Self: Imagination and the self
I start with a notorious argument of Berkeley's. Phil . But (to pass by all that hath been hitherto said, and reckon it for nothing, if you will have it so) I am content to put the whole upon thisExpand
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Problems of the Self: Deciding to believe
When the subject of belief is proposed for philosophical discussion, one may tend to think of such things as religious and moral beliefs, belief in the sense of conviction of an ideological orExpand
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Moral Luck: Utilitarianism and moral self-indulgence
My problem arises from the question of what one is to do in circumstances where there are strong reasons, particularly of a utilitarian kind, for doing something which one finds morally distasteful,Expand
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1. Toleration: An Impossible Virtue?
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Adoptant un point de vue minimaliste sur la conception de la verite definie par l'equivalence de Tarski, l'A. montre que la perspective des faits de surface concernant le discours ethique se reduit aExpand
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