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The pattern of psychiatric consultation in Hong Kong is examined among 226 patients at a public outpatient clinic and 56 patients at a private psychiatric clinic. The approach to psychiatric services is marked by lengthy delay during which patients get help from their family members or close friends. Arrival at the present psychiatric clinic was diverted(More)
Depressive illness was a common clinical syndrome found in general practice in Hong Kong. The phenomenon of somatization among Chinese depressives in general practice was investigated. Patients clinically identified as depressed were compared with organic patients in terms of their presenting complaints and responses to a symptom checklist. Sleep(More)
A leading cause of cancer chemotherapy failure is chemoresistance, which often involves multiple mechanisms. Chinese medicines (CM) usually contain multiple components which could potentially target many mechanisms simultaneously and may offer an advantage over single compounds that target one mechanism at a time. The purpose of this study was to(More)
As surgical practice changes with increasing new evidence, a review of past experiences often gives us a good idea why we do things the way it is now. Our modern understanding of factors contributing to the stability of the lumbar spine can be represented using posterior decompression of the lumbar spine as an example. Since the late 1900s, the " Christmas(More)
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