Bernard Van Emden

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Modern developmental biology relies heavily on the analysis of embryonic gene expression patterns. Investigators manually inspect hundreds or thousands of expression patterns to identify those that are spatially similar and to ultimately infer potential gene interactions. However, the rapid accumulation of gene expression pattern data over the last two(More)
SUMMARY Images containing spatial expression patterns illuminate the roles of different genes during embryogenesis. In order to generate initial clues to regulatory interactions, biologists frequently need to know the set of genes expressed at the same time at specific locations in a developing embryo, as well as related research publications. However,(More)
We present an application of image analysis techniques to automatically annotate biological images depicting gene expression patterns in developing embryos of fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster), a model organism to study gene interaction. The aim is to determine the view (lateral versus dorsal/ventral [non-lateral]), orientation (anterior-left or(More)
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