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d-alpha-Tocopherol polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate (TPGS)-stabilized nanosuspensions (25wt%, relative to the drug weight) were produced by media milling for 9 model drug compounds [cinnarizine,(More)
In order to improve the dissolution and absorption properties of loviride, a poorly soluble antiviral agent, sucrose co-freeze-dried nanopowders were prepared, characterized and evaluated. Tween(More)
In this study, the crystallization behavior of a variety of compounds was studied following rapid solvent evaporation using spin coating. Initial screening to determine model compound suitability was(More)
Four alternative matrix formers [Avicel PH101, Fujicalin (CaHPO(4)), Aerosil 200 (SiO(2)) and Inutec SP1] were evaluated for their capability in preserving rapid dissolution after spray-drying of(More)
Hydrogels, physically crosslinked through stereocomplex formation, were obtained by mixing aqueous solutions of dextran with L-lactic acid grafts and dextran with D-lactic acid grafts. Protein-loaded(More)