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Facial perception research has benefited from the use of computer graphic methods, such as facial image prototyping and transformation. This paper describes new methods for improved prototyping and transformation of skin textures including wrinkles and stubble. We use a biologically inspired wavelet transform to capture the textural detail in different(More)
A n e w general solution for the construction of one-to-one image warping functions is presented. The algorithm takes a set of user speciied translations and constructs a set of one-to-one warps by interpolation and scaling. These are concatenated to produce a single one-to-one warping function, which prevents overlap in the resultant w arped image.
Sexual reproduction strategies vary both between and within species in the level of investment in offspring. Life-history theories suggest that the rate of sexual maturation is critically linked to reproductive strategy, with high investment being associated with few offspring and delayed maturation. For humans, age of puberty and age of first sex are two(More)