Bernard Schwartz

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To detect early glaucoma-associated changes in the optic disc cup, the authors analyzed reproducibility of optic disc cup measurements by photogrammetry of three age-matched groups: 10 normal, 10 ocular hypertensive, and 10 glaucomatous subjects. For each eye, three simultaneous stereophotographs were taken on the same day and one measurement was made for(More)
Fluorescein angiograms of the optic disc were studied in 23 normal and 29 ocular hypertensive eyes. Significant differences in the frequency distributions of areas of defects were obtained between normal and ocular hypertensive eyes. Increased areas of filling defects were noted in ocular hypertensive eyes as compared to normals. There were also significant(More)
An improved technique for high-contast, high-resolution fluorescein angiography of the optic disc has been developed that almost eliminates pseudofluorescence. Fluorescein angiography of the optic disc was performed on normal, ocular hypertensive, and glaucomatous patients. Rapid-sequence angiograms in the early arterial phases have demonstrated localized(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine whether timolol drops compared to placebo drops had a significant effect on retinal vessel width in ocular hypertensives. METHODS Thirty-seven ocular hypertensives were randomly assigned to receive placebo or 0.5% timolol drops to both eyes for 18 to 24 months in a double masked clinical trial.(More)
One hundred seventy-one optic disc fluorescein angiograms of glaucomatous, ocular hypertensive, and normal patients were studied for the occurrence of areas of hypofluorescence or absolute filling defects in the rim, wall, and floor of the optic cup using disc stereo photographs compared with the fluorescein angiogram. The frequencies of involvement of the(More)
Pinealectomized and intact chicks raised under cyclic (14L:10D) and noncyclic (OL;24L) conditions of environmental lighting were sampled 60 hr and 6 weeks after pinealectomy to evaluate the effects of pineal ablation on plasma and ocular melatonin concentrations. Little or no immunoreactive melatonin was present in plasma 60 hr after pinealectomy, while(More)
Observation of the retinal nerve fiber layer with red-free light is an important means of evaluating optic nerve integrity. Many investigators have attempted to increase the usefulness of the technique by improving photographic procedures. Most reports comparing various parameters neither indicate the method of comparison nor give quantitative measure of(More)
Using automated perimetry the distribution of visual field loss in 40 chronic open angle glaucoma eyes (40 patients) was found to be predominantly in the nasal, supranasal, and superotemporal regions. The rate of change of visual field threshold values in seven regions of the field was measured by trend analysis over 44.9 +/- 17.9 months. Seventeen eyes had(More)
Two patients with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) have been treated with a high dose (1600 micrograms daily) of inhaled corticosteroid for 18 months. A beneficial effect with regard to asthmatic symptoms was observed in both patients. During the first 14 months of the observation period no significant changes were observed in lung function(More)