Bernard Schmauß

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Experimental results obtained on 10 Gb/s RZ-DPSK transmission in a recirculating fiber-loop setup have shown that nonlinear amplifying loop mirrors (NALM) can efficiently enhance system performance: cascaded phase-preserving amplitude regeneration can efficiently prevent the accumulation of amplitude and nonlinear phase noise components in such systems. It(More)
This paper describes a new scheme for dispersion compensation called nonlinearity tolerant dispersion compensation scheme (NTDCS). The scheme is characterized by a short piece of dispersion compensating fiber (DCF) in front of the transmission fiber and a second DCF after it compensating for the rest of SSMF dispersion. The NTDCS shows much better eye(More)
Numerical simulations have shown a significant influence of group-velocity dispersion (GVD) of the highly nonlinear fiber on the transfer characteristics of a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror (NALM). The effect is especially strong for the anomalous dispersion regime where an interaction of GVD and self-phase modulation (SPM) leads to formation of(More)
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