Bernard S. Kay

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We briefly review the current status of the algebraic approach to quantum field theory on globally hyperbolic spacetimes, both axiomatic – for general field theories, and constructive – for a linear Klein-Gordon model. We recall the concept of F-locality, introduced in the latter context in BS Kay: Rev. Math. Phys., Special Issue, 167-195 (1992) and explain(More)
We prove two theorems which concern difficulties in the formulation of the quantum theory of a linear scalar field on a spacetime, (M,gab), with a compactly generated Cauchy horizon. These theorems demonstrate the breakdown of the theory at certain base points of the Cauchy horizon, which are defined as ‘past terminal accumulation points’ of the horizon(More)
The purpose of the present study was to accurately and reliably analyse the nature of movement undertaken by National Rugby League (NRL) referees during matches played in the 2000 season. The movements of NRL referees (n=5) were analysed from videotape footage of ten games. The researchers assigned each movement to one of six defined categories (stationary,(More)
We use the image sum method to reproduce Sushkov’s result that for a massless automorphic field on the initial globally hyperbolic region IGH of Misner space, one can always find a special value of the automorphic parameter α such that the renormalized expectation value 〈α|Tab|α〉 in the Sushkov state “〈α| · |α〉” (i.e. the automorphic generalization of the(More)
We consider some questions concerning the monotonicity properties of entropy and mean entropy of states on translationally invariant systems (classical lattice, quantum lattice and quantum continuous). By taking the property of strong subadditivity, which for quantum systems was proven rather late in the historical development, as one of four primary axioms(More)
In “Decoherence of macroscopic closed systems within Newtonian quantum gravity” (Kay B S 1998 Class. Quantum Grav. 15 L89-L98) it was argued that, given a many-body Schrödinger wave function ψ(x1, . . . ,xN ) for the centre-ofmass degrees of freedom of a closed system of N identical uniform-mass balls of mass M and radius R, taking account of quantum(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of this study was to assess whether any characteristic patterns of heart rate (HR) responses could be identified in National Rugby League (NRL) referees (n= 6) during matches played in the 2001 season. The data have been plotted and discussed, in order that exercise program planning practitioners may gain improved understandings of(More)