Bernard S. Bloom

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This paper describes use of the prescription records of a large pharmaceutical benefits management organization to retrospectively analyze the refill behavior of patients who have recently started antihypertensive therapy in the outpatient setting. Using logistic regression analysis, the author identified class of antihypertensive medication, patient age,(More)
PURPOSE To provide a practical quantitative tool for appraising the quality of cost-effectiveness (CE) studies. METHODS A committee comprising [corrected] of health economists selected a set of criteria for the instrument from an item pool. Data collected with a conjoint analysis survey on 120 international health economists were used to estimate weights(More)
There is sparse evidence on community practice patterns in treating women with breast cancer. This study compared care of women with breast cancer with evidence from meta-analyses and US National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) clinical guidelines. Records of 4395 women with breast cancer were abstracted from practices of 19 surgeon oncologists in six(More)
CONTEXT US research results suggest that some sociodemographic characteristics predict use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Specifically, use of CAM has been positively associated with persons from higher socioeconomic status groups and negatively associated with African-Americans. OBJECTIVE To investigate the sociodemographic(More)
With the growing international literature in economic evaluation and the rapid spread of new health technologies, there is a need to undertake, or at least interpret, economic evaluations on the international level. However, the ways in which cross-national differences affect the cost-effectiveness of health technologies or their evaluations have never been(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine clinical and economic consequences of alternative vaccination strategies for preventing hepatitis B virus infection (HBV). METHODS Decision analysis was used to evaluate costs, outcomes, and cost-effectiveness of three HBV management strategies ("no vaccination," "universal vaccination," and "screen and vaccinate") in four(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet holds great but uncertain promise for increased access and cost control in health care. OBJECTIVE To determine access to and cost of prescription pharmaceuticals over the Internet. DESIGN An Internet search conducted during February and March 1999. SETTING The Philadelphia region. MEASUREMENTS Data were collected on(More)
OBJECTIVES Use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is growing in all Western countries. The goal of this study was to evaluate quality of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of CAM interventions for specific diagnoses to inform clinical decision making. METHODS MEDLINE and related databases were searched for CAM RCTs. Visual review was done of(More)
This article examines the cost effects of a closed pharmaceutical formulary on Medicaid expenditures for peptic ulcer disease. Studies were performed before and after the imposition of a closed pharmaceutical formulary and indicated that total Medicaid costs for peptic ulcer treatment were 15.0% lower during the closed formulary than open formulary periods.(More)