Bernard Rous

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Adaptor protein complexes (APs) function as vesicle coat components in different membrane traffic pathways; however, there are a number of pathways for which there is still no candidate coat. To find novel coat components related to AP complexes, we have searched the expressed sequence tag database and have identified, cloned, and sequenced a new member of(More)
The ACM Computing Classification System (CCS), which for 20 years has served as the primary and most generally used system for the classification and indexing of the published literature of computing, has been substantially revised to reflect the greatly changed nature of computing. In this article, the revision committee reports on its work, describes the(More)
Socioeconomic issues associated with the delivery of online content and services are as critical to success as sound technological implementation, if indeed not more so. ACM distinguished itself in its advanced planning for its digital library by paying close attention to three such issues: changing patterns in scholarly behavior; the functioning of(More)
—A new type of " active curation system " is becoming prevalent in computer science that provides executable access to artifacts and experiments behind published results and enables their reuse. These systems allow changing and repeating experiments to understand how an innovation behaves in conditions beyond the ones described in a paper. Active curation(More)
A look inside standards-based messaging with AMQP. Your source code is one of your organization's most valuable assets. How can you be sure there are no hidden bugs? Coverity offers advanced source code analysis products for the detection of hazardous defects and security vulnerabilities, which help remove the obstacles to writing and deploying complex(More)
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