Bernard R. Pierce

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Eighty-eight women from diverse educational backgrounds were interviewed as they made several important and related life decisions during their pregnancies. In this article, the focus is on the choice of birth attendant. There were few differences between those women who did and did not consider a midwife. Women who selected a midwife reported feeling more(More)
This study evaluated the acceptance of using computers to take a medical history by rural Arkansas patients. Sex, age, race, education, previous computer experience and owning a computer were used as variables. Patients were asked a series of questions to rate their comfort level with using a computer to take their medical history. Comfort ratings ranged(More)
With the addition of IBM System ze application assist processors (zAAPs) and integrated information processors (zIIPs) to the portfolio of special-purpose IBM System z processors, the reinvention of the IBM mainframe continues. Jointly, zAAPs and zIIPs provide significant IBM System z9e integrated and cost-effective processing cycles for today’s strategic(More)
Women, primarily from the author's childbirth education classes, were taught the practice of toning, i.e. voicing the exhalation of breath on a single pitch, using a vowel sound or a hum. Women were encouraged to explore toning during pregnancy and use it as a resource for labour. Postpartum, 22 women described their experiences with tone, pointing to a(More)
Audit firms face a constant conflict between the business of auditing and the profession of auditing, characterised in the literature as a cost-quality conflict. This conflict is manifested at trainee levels in the pressure to perform quality work within specified time limits. Prior studies have reported high levels of quality threatening behaviour (QTB) at(More)
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