Bernard Prallet

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Mononuclear cells were isolated from the peritrabecular bone marrow from the medullary bone of laying hens maintained on a calcium-deficient diet for 1 week. These cells were cultured for up to 7 days on devitalized bovine bone slices after removing the nonadherent fraction. The mononuclear precursors of the osteoclast that are present in such cultures(More)
The efficacy of the biphosphonate etidronate has recently been demonstrated versus the vertebral fracture rate in fractured involuted osteoporosis in the literature. However, it would appear that the increase in bone mass (measured from the calcium density) may alone account for these results. The authors undertook a histomorphometrie study in 20 patients(More)
Bone mineral density (BMD) was measured in 128 normal postmenopausal women at different skeletal sites: lumbar spine and proximal femur, using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), and the cancellous and cortical envelopes of the distal third of radius and tibia, using precise low-dose quantitative computed tomography (QCT). Multivariate analysis included(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY In a consecutive series of 98 patients presenting 100 full thickness cuff tears and managed by the same medico-surgical team, the authors studied the correlation between preoperative shoulder function values and the anatomic lesions found at surgery. Predictive factors of tear size were evaluated and any elements that were likely to(More)
Roland Baron, Lynn Neff, Sirpa Jamsa-Kellokumpu, Agnes Billecocq, Bernard Prallet and Sakari Kellokumpu. Yale Univ. School of Medicine The osteoclast synthesizes large amounts of lysosomal enzymes which are sorted and vectorially transported to the bone surface via mannose-6-phosphate receptors (Baron et al.,J.Cell Bio1,106:1863, 1988). The enzymes are(More)