Bernard Peuchot

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SYDESCO is a new 3D vision system developed for trunk surface topography. This structured light surface scanner uses the principle of triangulation-based range sensing to infer 3D shape. The complete trunk acquisition is fast (2 seconds). The accuracy of the metric data is ensured by a subpixel image detection and a calibration process, which rectifies(More)
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  • Computerized medical imaging and graphics : the…
  • 1993
In computer vision, a standard approach to eliminate spatial distortion is to use a calibrated grid. We developed an original method using such a grid to establish an equivalence between any camera with inherent technical limitations (optic, solid-state sensor, digitizer) and a perfect virtual pinhole camera model. This bijection based on interpolation(More)
In spinal surgery, computer assistance in the operating room is gaining fast-paced acceptance, but it would be simplistic to imagine that added technology is systematically beneficial to the patient. As surgeons are not experts in computer technology, there is a tendency to abandon the evaluation to the market and say the best will emerge. Based on our(More)
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