Bernard Nudel

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ABSTRACI" A new parameter is introduced to characterize a type of search problem of broad relevance in artificial intelligence, operations research and symbolic logic. This parameter, which we call inter-variable compatibility, is partic.larly important in that complexity analyses incorporating it are able to capture the dependence of problem complexity on(More)
Two new classes of theories have been developed giving the expected complexities of three ConsistentLabeling Problem (CLP), or Constraint-Satisfaction, algorithms: Backtracking, Forward Checking and Word-wise Forward Checking. Apart from giving the exact expected complexity for these algorithms for the underlying CLP distribution and domain, these theories(More)
The Consistent Labeling Problem is of considerable importance in Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research and Symbolic Logic. It has received much attention, but most work has addressed the specialized binary form of the problem. Furthermore, none of the relatively few papers that treat the general problem have dealt analytically with the issue of(More)
Research in the area of learning structural descriptions from examples is reviewed, giving primary attention to methods of learning characteristic descrip­ tions of single concepts. In particular, we examine methods for finding the maximally-specific conjunctive generalizations (MSC-generalizations) that cover all of the training examples of a given(More)
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