Bernard Noël

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  • B Noël
  • Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology…
  • 2007
BACKGROUND Statins have been increasingly associated with drug-induced autoimmune reactions, including lupus erythematosus. OBJECTIVE To identify and determine the clinical and biological characteristics of statin-induced autoimmune reactions. MATERIAL AND METHODS The MEDLINE database (1966 to September 2005) was used to identify all reported cases of(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether vasopressin V1a receptor blockade reduces the abnormal vasoactive response to cold in patients suffering from Raynaud's phenomenon (RP). METHODS SR 49059, an orally active, non-peptidic vasopressin V1a receptor antagonist, was given orally (300 mg once daily) to 20 patients with RP in a single-centre, double-blind,(More)
  • B Noël
  • International archives of occupational and…
  • 2000
Skin, arteries and nerves of the upper extremities can be affected by vibration exposure. Recent advances in skin and vascular biology as well as new investigative methods, have shown that neurovascular symptoms may be due to different vascular and neurological disorders which should be differentiated if proper management is to be evaluated. Three types of(More)
Cannabis arteritis is a serious peripheral vascular disease affecting young adults consuming cannabis. An increasing number of cases have been recently reported in Europe. The risk of amputation is high. Cannabis arteritis is often confused with atherosclerosis. We present a new case in which complete arterial revascularization was obtained with early(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple nodules of the scrotum are uncommonly reported. Their origin is controversial. Treatment is always surgical but the best procedure is still to be determined. MATERIALS AND METHODS Five new cases are reported with description of the histopathological findings and surgical procedure. RESULTS Nodules of the scrotum were more frequent in(More)
Tumescent anesthesia is a local anesthesia produced by the infiltration of a large volume of very dilute anesthetic solution into the subcutaneous tissue. Many surgical procedures (liposuction, facelift, varicose vein surgery, etc.), which were previously performed under general or locoregional anesthesia, can now be achieved with local tumescent(More)