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The O2 generated by this enzyme serves as the starting material for the production of a vast assortment of reactive oxidants, including oxidized halogens, free radicals, and singlet oxygen. These(More)
NADPH oxidase is an enzyme that catalyzes the production of superoxide from oxygen and NADPH. It is a complex enzyme consisting of two membrane-bound components and three components in the cytosol,(More)
Neutrophils and other phagocytes manufacture O(2)(-) (superoxide) by the one-electron reduction of oxygen at the expense of NADPH. Most of the O(2)(-) reacts with itself to form H(2)O(2) (hydrogen(More)
The respiratory burst oxidase catalyzes the production of O2.- from oxygen and NADPH. It is dormant in resting cells but becomes active when the cells are stimulated. Activation is accompanied by the(More)