Bernard Liau

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This work addresses the problem of static routing complexity and performance for best effort traffic in a data network and more specifically an Internet network running an IGP (Interior Gateway protocol), and MPLS if necessary. We first give a short presentation of the various routing strategies (single-path and multi-path) and their possible realization in(More)
In the past years, telecommunications networks have seen an important evolution with the advances in optical technologies and the explosive growth of the Internet. Several optical systems allow a very large transport capacity, and data trac has dramatically increased. Telecommunications networks are now moving towards a model of high-speed routers(More)
In this paper, we consider the max-min fair resource allocation problem as applied to elastic flows. We are interested in computing the optimal max-min fair rate allocation. The proposed approach is a linear programming based one and allows the computation of optimal routing paths with regard to max-min fairness, in stable and known traffic conditions. We(More)
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