Bernard Leclerc

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Noncommutative analogues of classical operations on symmetric functions are investigated , and applied to the description of idempotents and nilpotents in descent algebras. Its is shown that any sequence of Lie idempotents (one in each descent algebra) gives rise to a complete set of indecomposable orthogonal idempotents of each descent algebra, and various(More)
We deene noncommutative analogues of the characters of the symmetric group which are induced by transitive cyclic subgroups (cyclic characters). We investigate their properties by means of the formalism of noncommutative symmetric functions. The main result is a multiplication formula whose commutative projection gives a combinatorial formula for the(More)
Most of the pharmaceutical processes involved in the manufacturing of so lid dosage forms are connected with powder flow properties, at least for some of the intermediate steps. Powder flow characteristics are commonl y investigated by various measurements, such as handling angles, tap tes ting, shear cell measurements, etc. All these approaches allow the(More)
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