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We determined alterations in plasma and red-cell electrolyte concentrations associated with digoxin administration in 11 children in heart failure, 24 nontoxic patients receiving maintenance digoxin and 11 children in whom digoxin toxicity developed. Twenty normal children served as controls. Digoxin therapy was associated with a mean (+/- S.E.M.) increase(More)
We have demonstrated recently that the binding of furosemide (FSM) to urinary proteins causes a decrease in the diuretic response that is proportional to the degree of proteinuria. Further studies were conducted to determine whether urinary drug-protein interactions also altered the renal excretion of FSM. Rats were treated with puromycin aminonucleoside to(More)
Resistance to cytotoxic agents is a major limitation for their clinical use to treat human cancers. Tumors become resistant to chemotherapy when a subset of cells undergoes molecular changes leading to overexpression of drug transport proteins, alterations in drug-target interactions or reduced ability to commit apoptosis. However, such changes may not be(More)
The efficacy and safety of captopril were studied in 10 patients with secondary hypertension (renal parenchymal disease, four patients; renal artery stenosis, two; and renal transplant rejection, four). Captopril was administered according to a dose titration protocol that randomized the initial three doses (0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 mg/kg) of drug to one of six(More)