Bernard Kujawski

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We present an empirical study of the networks created by users within internet news groups and forums and show that they organize themselves into scale-free trees. The structure of these trees depends on the topic under discussion; specialist topics have trees with a short shallow structure whereas more universal topics are discussed widely and have a(More)
We study the fluctuation properties and return-time statistics on inhomogeneous scale-free networks using packets moving with two different dynamical rules; random diffusion and locally navigated diffusive motion with preferred edges. Scaling in the fluctuations occurs when the dispersion of a quantity at each node or edge increases like the its mean to the(More)
We introduce four algorithms for packet transport in complex networks. These algorithms use deterministic rules which depend, in different ways, on the degree of the node, the number of packets posted down each edge, the mean delivery time of packets sent down each edge to each destination and the time since an edge last transmitted a packet. On scale-free(More)
We investigate the possibility of virtual community formation in an online social network under a rapid increase of activity of members and newcomers. The evolution is studied of the activity of online users at The Guardian Comment Is Free forum covering topics related to the Middle East turmoil during the period of 1 of January 2010 to the 28 of March(More)
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