Bernard Kerr

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We describe a social bookmarking service de-signed for a large enterprise. We discuss design principles addressing online identity, privacy, information discovery (including search and pivot browsing), and service extensi-bility based on a web-friendly architectural style. In addi-tion we describe the key design features of our implementa-tion. We provide(More)
  • Bernard Kerr
  • IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization 2003…
  • 2003
This paper describes Thread Arcs, a novel interactive visualization technique designed to help people use threads found in email. Thread Arcs combine the chronology of messages with the branching tree structure of a conversational thread in a mixed-model visualization by Venolia and Neustaedter (2003) that is stable and compact. By quickly scanning and(More)
The Remail design team defined a specification for an innovative and integrated email client. This design-lead effort tackled three key problems that email researchers have discovered: lack of context, co-opting of email, and keeping track of too many things. Based on earlier design and research explorations, we conceived of a client from the ground up that(More)
The research program at IBM’s® Collaborative User Experience (CUE) group supports an e-mail system used by millions of people. We present three lessons learned from working with real-world enterprise e-mail solutions. First, a pragmatic, system-level approach reveals that e-mail programs are generally used idiosyncratically, often for many different goals(More)
The Collaborative User Experience Research group has been investigating how people use email and how we might design and build a better email system. In this demonstration, we will show a prototype email client developed as part of a larger project on "reinventing email." Among other new capabilities, this integrated prototype incorporates 1) novel(More)
Electronic mail has become the most widely-used application for business productivity and communication, yet many people are frustrated with their email. Though email usage has changed, our email clients largely have not. In this paper, we describe a prototype email client developed out of a multi-year iterative design process aimed at providing those who(More)
Event sequence datasets with high event cardinality and long sequences are difficult to visualize and analyze. In particular, it is hard to generate a high level visual summary of paths and volume of flow. Existing approaches of mining and visualizing frequent sequential patterns look promising, but have limitations in terms of scalability, interpretability(More)
In this paper we describe the design behind the Bloom Diagram, a tool to visualize the evolution of individual participants' code and comment contributions to open source software projects. The design blends techniques such as concentric pie charts, animation, motion trails, and social proxies to produce a compact presentation of the large scale dynamics(More)
Chat Spaces are rich persistent chats that provide light-weight shared workspaces for small to medium-scale group activities. Chat Spaces can accommodate brief, informal interactions (similar to Instant Messaging), and can also support longer-term complex threaded conversations including large numbers of people and shared resources. Our design maps a(More)