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A mutual-synthesis approach is presented for the design of subsystems combining two microwave circuits. In this paper, we are focused on subsystems combining a filter and an antenna. In a first step, the methodology consists of synthesizing the global subsystem, which realizes both filtering and radiation functions, with respect to overall specifications.(More)
This article presents the recent developments on electromagnetic band gap (EBG) resonator antennas. After reminding the working principles of such radiating devices, a state of the art is presented to show main applications of these antennas including high directivity solutions, multiband devices, omnidirectionnal coverages, focal feeds for reflector and(More)
—The intention of this paper is to present the instantaneous electromagnetic field measurement by signature of a neutral object (MICHELSON) method. The MICHELSON method is relatively new and enables the measurement of high-level electromagnetic fields from the utilization of a target. The incident field scattering on the target allows us to move the field(More)