Bernard Jacquier

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The paper shows how polysiloxane particles encapsulating fluorophores can be successfully used to detect biotin-streptavidin binding by two types of technique. After functionalization of the particles by streptavidin, the fixation of the biomolecule can indeed be detected by a shift of the localized surface plasmon resonance of the biotinylated gold dots(More)
We show that rare-earth (RE-) doped glasses can have homogeneous linewidths as narrow as 287 kHz at (4)He temperatures. This is far narrower than others reported in glasses in the same temperature range and is suitable for precise spectral hole burning and spatial-spectral holographic applications. It is known that cw spectral hole burning linewidth(More)
Ytterbium doped fiber lasers are known to be impacted by the creation of color centers during lasing so called photodarkening. This defect creation was investigated in a spectroscopic point of view, showing the presence of thulium traces (ppb) in the ytterbium doped fiber. Moreover, this contamination exhibit luminescence in the UV range under 976 nm(More)
Site distributions of Er(3+)-doped aluminosilicate preforms of standard EDFA were studied by the low temperature Resonant Fluorescence Line Narrowing (RFLN) spectroscopy. Two erbium concentration samples with the same glass base were investigated. At very low erbium concentration, two classes of sites were identified, related to the number of AlO(6)(More)
A new route was recently proposed to modify some spectroscopic properties of rare-earth ions in silica-based fibers. We had shown the incorporation of erbium ions in amorphous dielectric nanoparticles, grown in fiber preforms. Here we present the achieved stabilization of nanometric erbium-doped dielectric nanoparticles within the core of silica fibers. We(More)
We studied the visible fluorescence of two yb3+-doped fibres pumped by a CW titanium-sapphire laser in the infrared range (from 840 nm to 975 nm). The fibre # 1 (codoped with alumina) has a core of 2.1 pm diameter and is doped with about 600 ppm molar Yb203. The fibre # 2 (ccdoped with phosphorous) has a core of 3 pm diameter and is doped with about 85 ppm(More)
What is believed to be the first investigation of second-harmonic generation (SHG) in Ca(4)GdO (BO(3))(3) waveguides is reported. A planar waveguide was formed by 2-MeV-helium implantation. We cut the sample to achieve type I noncritical phase matching of an 823-nm fundamental wave for fundamental light propagating along the y axis and polarized along the z(More)
We report the first study of optical planar and channel waveguides fabricated in the new nonlinear crystal Ca4YO(BO3) by use of MeV He+-implantations. The nx, ny, and nz refractive index modifications are studied. Losses in nonannealed YCOB waveguides measured with a CCD camera are found to be less than 2 dB cm(-1). This work is the first step toward the(More)
We report fluorescence imaging of colour centres in Lithium Fluoride (LiF) using an apertureless Scanning Near Field Optical Microscope (SNOM). The sample consists of periodically spaced submicrometric coloured areas F2 laser-active colour centres produced by low-energy electron beam lithography on the surface of a LiF thin film. A silicon Atomic Force(More)