Bernard Hecquet

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To appreciate the IGF1 sensitivity of breast tumors we detected IGF1-R with a biochemical assay (RRA). We then localized and quantified IGF1-R on frozen tissue sections by histo-autoradiographic analysis (HAA). In some cases, the IGF1 and IGF1-R mRNA expression were studied by Northern blot analysis. We also studied the IGF1 plasma concentration in primary(More)
We investigated binding characteristics of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) on membranes prepared from 4 human breast cancer cell lines and 38 primary BC biopsies. Competitive binding experiments were performed and analyzed using the "Ligand" program. Furthermore bFGF mitogenic activity was measured by [3H]thymidine incorporation into DNA from breast(More)
S9788 is a new triazineaminopiperidine derivate capable of reversing multidrug resistance (MDR) in cells resistant to chemotherapeutic agents such as doxorubicin. It does not belong to a known class of MDR revertants, but its action involves the binding of P-glycoprotein. Thirty-eight evaluable patients with advanced colorectal or renal cell cancer were(More)
The construction of an instrument including a number of tests requires an analysis of its structure and its unidimensionality (which allows calculation of global score), and the determination of the difficulty level of various tests. This study examined a tool including 67 tests designed to evaluate the functional ability of patients with an injured upper(More)
The response rate in bone metastases in 57 patients treated with aminoglutethimide and hydrocortisone was retrospectively assessed. All the X-rays were reviewed by two senior radiologists. A response was observed in 23% of the patients, a stabilization in 32%. The survival was not different whether a response or stabilization was observed. Conversely,(More)
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