Bernard Guerin

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Islamic refugee women from non-westernized countries face a number of challenges in adapting to their new country, especially when that new country is westernized and is not Islamic. Refugees are primarily women and children, so it is important that women be in their best health because they usually bear the responsibility of caring for each other and(More)
A conversational approach is developed to explain the ubiquitous presence of rumors, urban legends, and gossip as arising from their conversational properties rather than from side effects of cognitive processing or "effort after meaning ." It is suggested that the primary function of telling rumors, gossip, and urban legends is not to impart information to(More)
According to a recently proposed synthesis, social loafing, social facilitation, and deindividuation can be viewed as different ways of arranging social consequences (B. Guerin, 1999). The effects of such arrangements have been measured in past research as productive output (social loafing and social facilitation) or as antinormative behaviors(More)
OBJECTIVE Mental health and social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) have been linked as outcomes of attachment to country, spirituality, and engagement in music and arts, particularly for Indigenous Australians. It is not clear how this occurs, even though the links seem substantial. METHOD We explore how mental health and SEWB may be linked to attachment(More)
A social contingency analysis of religion is presented, arguing that individual religious behaviors are principally maintained by the many powerful benefits of participating in social groups rather than by any immediate or obvious consequences of the religious behaviors. Six common strategies are outlined that can shape the behaviors of large groups of(More)
  • B Guerin
  • 1994
Participants of both sexes were asked to write responses to sentences about members of both sexes exhibiting socially desirable or undesirable behaviors. Using Semin and Fiedler's (1988) coding scheme, I analyzed the sentences for the abstractness of the verbs and adjectives. As predicted, when the participants wrote about socially desirable behaviors(More)