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During two consecutive surveys (February and August/Sept 2002), a total of 970 cattle from the cattle population of Mafia Island (United Republic of Tanzania) were blood-sampled. All blood samples were microscopically screened for the presence of trypanosomes and a portion of these were checked for antibodies with an Ab-ELISA and for the presence of(More)
Several accurate algorithms to sum IEEE-754 floating-point numbers have been recently published. The recent contributions by Rump, Ogita and Oishi and the newest ones proposed by Zhu and Hayes are examples of accurate summation algorithms. Some of these even compute the faithful or the correct rounding of the exact sum, i.e. the most accurate value with(More)
Tipi is an implementation proposal of the SMT architecture. This implementation is very close to a multiprocessor architecture, sharing only the second level caches and the functional units. It is designed to achieve a high performance with both a high IPC and a very short cycle (estimated to 10 gates levels). Functional unit sharing and very short cycle(More)