Bernard Fléchet

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PURPOSE Between inefficient training and overtraining, an appropriate training stimulus (in terms of intensity and duration) has to be determined in accordance with individual capacities. Interval training at the minimal velocity associated with VO2max (vVO2max) allows an athlete to run for as long as possible at VO2max. Nevertheless, we don't know the(More)
Through Silicon Via (TSV) is considered today as the third dimension interconnect opening new perspectives in term of 3D integration. Design, material and process recommendations are required to achieve 3D stacked dies and evaluate electrical performance of such chips. As a consequence, equivalent models of this incontrovertible key component become more(More)
Iron plays a promoting role in lipid oxidation through several mechanisms. Therefore, hepatic iron deposits in the rat may lead to peroxidative damage and to alterations in the lipoprotein formation. In this report we observed that an iron overload in rats strongly reduced the hepatic lipoprotein secretion but did not affect oxidation resistance of native(More)
This paper presents electrical characterization of millimeter wave interconnects on oxides to realize routing layers and through-Silicon-Vias interconnections in 3D silicon interposers. As a compromise has to be found between good RF performances and temperature compliant with 3D integration technology, a wide variety of oxide insulators are tested using(More)