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This paper presents a new approach to the computation of stable grasps of polygonal objects. The authors consider the case of a hand equipped with three hard fingers and assume point contact with friction. They prove a sufficient condition for force-closure grasps that leads to a system of linear constraints in the position of the fingers along the(More)
| This paper addresses motion planning for a mobile robot moving on a hilly three dimensional terrain and subjected to strong physical interaction constraints. The main contribution of this paper is a planning method which takes into account the dynamics of the robot, the robot/terrain interactions , the kinematic constraints of the robot, and classical(More)
An a u t o m a t i c s y s t e m f o r p l a n n i n g s a f e t r a j e c t o r i e s f o r a computer c o n t r o l l e d m a n i p u l a t o r among o b s t a c l e s i s a key component o f r o b o t assembly operations. This paper describes an a l g o r i t h m t r a n s f o r m i n g C a r t e s i a n o b s t a c l e s i n t o o b s t a c l e s i n t(More)