Bernard Faverjon

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This paper presents a new approach to the computation of stable grasps of polygonal objects. The authors consider the case of a hand equipped with three hard fingers and assume point contact with friction. They prove a sufficient condition for force-closure grasps that leads to a system of linear constraints in the position of the fingers along the(More)
We present a new approach to the stereo-matching problem. Images are individually described by aneighborhood graph of line segments coming from a polygonal approximation of the contours. The matching process is defined as the exploration of the largest components of adisparity graph built from the descriptions of the two images, and is performed by an(More)
| This paper addresses motion planning for a mobile robot moving on a hilly three dimensional terrain and subjected to strong physical interaction constraints. The main contribution of this paper is a planning method which takes into account the dynamics of the robot, the robot/terrain interactions , the kinematic constraints of the robot, and classical(More)