Bernard F. Schneider

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The primary somatosensory barrel cortex processes tactile vibrissae information, allowing rodents to actively perceive spatial and textural features of their immediate surroundings. Each whisker on the snout is individually represented in the neocortex by an anatomically identifiable 'barrel' specified by the segregated termination zones of thalamocortical(More)
Regulation of the balance of osteoblastic and osteoclastic activity is critical for the understanding of normal cell biology and forms the basis of metabolic bone diseases. Our study reports about influences of age and gender on serum levels of osteoprotegerin (OPG) and its association to other clinical parameters of bone metabolism in a precisely(More)
Chromosomal rearrangements of the human MLL gene are a hallmark for aggressive (high-risk) pediatric, adult and therapy-associated acute leukemias. These patients need to be identified in order to subject these patients to appropriate therapy regimen. A recently developed long-distance inverse PCR method was applied to genomic DNA isolated from individual(More)
Clozapine is a potent antipsychotic agent that has been marketed since 1990. Several published reports of diabetes mellitus occurring with clozapine therapy have appeared during the past 5 years. Because the risk and characteristics of clozapine-associated diabetes mellitus remain unclear, we conducted a descriptive epidemiologic study of spontaneous(More)
One hundred twenty-two patients with tuberculous or pyogenic spondylitis were investigated retrospectively. Patient histories, laboratory tests, and radiographic findings were compared statistically between the two groups. Significant differences were calculated for the interval between onset of symptoms and diagnosis, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, mean(More)
BACKGROUND Because there is reason to assume that also in Austria calcium and vitamin D malnutrition is wide-spread, we initiated a comprehensive study on calcium and vitamin D status in relation to bone health in a large group of the normal adult population. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We assessed dietary calcium and vitamin D intake, serum concentrations of(More)
 Stereotactic radiosurgery (RS) and surgery have proved to be effective treatment modalities for brain metastasis. We followed 133 patients whose treatment for intracranial disease was either RS or a single surgical resection at the University of Vienna from August 1992 through October 1996. All patients who received additional Whole Brain Radiotherapy were(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of MR imaging in the characterization of adrenal masses by correlating imaging findings with histopathologic results. In addition, adrenal tumors that were of an indeterminate nature on MR imaging were analyzed. SUBJECTS AND METHODS For 114 patients with 134(More)
Using exploratory factor analysis, we prospectively investigated neuropsychiatric symptoms and structural brain lesions of 47 patients with proven Wilson's disease and identified three subgroups. The first subgroup clinically exhibited bradykinesia, rigidity, cognitive impairment, and an organic mood syndrome and by MRI showed a dilatation of the third(More)
Several methods for measuring femoral and tibial torsion by CT have been described since 1980. Alternative methods of measurement to CT are needed to avoid irradiating young patients facing derotation osteotomy. In this study, MRI was used to quantify femoral and tibial torsion in normal adult volunteers, firstly with transverse sections analogous to those(More)