Bernard Eclancher

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A linear relationship between the proton relaxation rates and the fraction of deoxyhemoglobin of circulating whole blood (fHb) has been established in vitro at 4.7 T. These results have been interpreted on the basis of the additivity of relaxation rates. The slope of the lines of transverse relaxation rates (R2) versus fHb was found to increase with(More)
The purpose of this study was to perform serial texture analysis of brain MRI of cuprizone-treated mice for the assessment of regional demyelination and remyelination. Cuprizone-fed mice undergo a brain demyelination process. This process was followed over 56 days by MRI in the olfactory bulbs, cerebellum, putamen and brain stem. The texture of T2-weighted(More)
Magnetic resonance images of rat brain were analyzed by texture analysis in order to study the effects of a nociceptive stimulation (formalin test) under propofol deep anesthesia. Changes of the texture in different cerebral brain areas acquired before and after stimulation were checked. Our statistical analysis of texture shows that these changes were(More)
This study describes quantitatively the effect of O2 on the dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) of water protons. It is shown theoretically how DNP enhancement is altered by the paramagnetism of O2. The nonlinear effect of oxygen on the enhancement factor has been approximated by a first order expression that provides accurate predictions of the experimental(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been performed to determine the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBO) on experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) in Lewis rats. The animals were exposed for 2 x 3 h in a 24-h period at 2 ATA pure O2. Three HBO treatment protocols were used: a 10-day preventive treatment (beginning on the 1st day(More)
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