Bernard Domanski

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Analysis of a clinical head trauma dataset was aided by the use of a new, binary-based data mining technique, termed Boolean analyzer (BA), which finds dependency/association rules. With initial guidance from a domain user or domain expert, the BA algorithm is given one or more metrics to partition the entire dataset. The weighted rules are in the form of(More)
Finding association rules in data that is naturally binary has been well researched and documented. Finding association rules in numeric/categorical data has not been as easy. Many quantitative algorithms work directly on the numeric data limiting the complexity of the generated rules. In addition, as you create intervals from the numeric data the(More)
This paper will discuss some of the issues involved in building an Expert System that embodies tuning rules for IBM's MVS/XA operating system. To understand the components of an Expert System and their functions, PROLOG on an IBM PC (Turbo-PROLOG from Borland International) was chosen as the development environment. The paper will begin by defining the key(More)