Bernard Champoux

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Multi-display environments and smart meeting rooms are now becoming more common. These environments build a shared display space from variety of devices: tablets, projected surfaces, tabletops, and traditional monitors. Since the different display surfaces are usually not organized in a single plane, traditional schemes for stitching the displays together(More)
Tangible interfaces allow physical control and representation of digital information. When designing such interfaces one needs to take into consideration the potential conflicts between the hardware of the artifact and the form of the user control. The design problem is a search for an appropriate fitness (or effortless coexistence) between these two(More)
With the rapid proliferation of a wide range of input devices, there are many choices in designing or selecting a 6DOF input device. User perception of the devices is an important aspect of design. We complement existing literature on the influence of grip of dominant hand on performance times with our experiments on the influence of grip of non-dominant(More)
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