Bernard Caudron

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Identifying the mechanisms of eukaryotic genome evolution by comparative genomics is often complicated by the multiplicity of events that have taken place throughout the history of individual lineages, leaving only distorted and superimposed traces in the genome of each living organism. The hemiascomycete yeasts, with their compact genomes, similar(More)
X chromosome inactivation in both mouse and human requires the presence of a cis acting locus, the X inactivation centre. This locus is thought to be involved in the initiation and spreading of the inactivation signal in early development. In order to increase our understanding of the mouse X inactivation centre, a 94 kb region immediately distal to the(More)
In an attempt to unify the genetic and biological research on Mycobacterium leprae, the aetiological agent of leprosy, a cosmid library was constructed and then ordered by a combination of fingerprinting and hybridization techniques. The genome of M. leprae is represented by four contigs of overlapping clones which, together, account for nearly 2.8Mb of(More)
Protein phosphatase 1 is regulated by the interaction between a catalytic subunit (PP1c) and multiple interacting proteins that allow the specific dephosphorylation of diverse cellular targets. This communication proposes to use the simultaneous presence of distinct consensus PP1c docking motifs R/K-x(0,1)-V-x-F and F-x-x-R/K-x-R/K as a signature to(More)
We sequenced a 173-kb region of mouse chromosome 10, telomeric to the Ifng locus, and compared it with the human homologous sequence located on chromosome 12q15 using various sequence analysis programs. This region has a low density of genes: one gene was detected in the mouse and the human sequences and a second gene was detected only in the human(More)
There is a need for rules allowing three-dimensional structure information to be derived from protein sequences. In this work, consideration of an elementary protein folding step allows protein sub-sequences which optimize folding to be derived for any given protein sequence. Classical mechanics applied to this system and the energy conservation law during(More)
The statistical significance of amino acid sequence similarities previously observed in type II DNA methyltransferases has been investigated. It is shown: (1) that the intramolecular similarities observed among various type II Mtases are not statistically significant and thus can not be used to support a gene duplication model; (2) that the intermolecular(More)
In Monte Carlo simulations of polymeric chains, the chains are most often represented as spheres, or cylinders with flat ends. In this methodological paper, we adopt a representation of the chains as spherocylinders (continuous cylinders ending in semispheres). With such a representation the testing for chain overlap, which is the crucial step for the(More)