Bernard Carey

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Normal aging is associated with marked changes in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems. Although cerebral autoregulation (CA) is impaired in certain disease states, the effect of age per se on dynamic CA in humans is unknown and the focus of this study. METHODS Twenty-seven young subjects (</=40 years) and 27 older(More)
Cardiovascular disorders are responsible for as many as 77% of patients presenting to Accident and Emergency Departments with unexplained or recurrent falls and falls associated with unexplained loss of consciousness [1]. The importance of these disorders as a group is emphasized by the fact that fallers with an intrinsic cardiac cause have a greater(More)
The cerebrovascular changes that occur prior to vasovagal syncope (VVS) are unclear, with both increases and decreases in cerebrovascular resistance being reported during pre-syncope. This study assessed the cerebrovascular responses, and their potential underlying mechanisms, that occurred before VVS induced by head-up tilt (HUT). Groups of 65 normal(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of orthostatic stress on dynamic cerebral autoregulation (CA) in normal subjects and patients with recurrent vasovagal syncope (VVS) is unclear. This study assessed the dynamic CA responses of both groups to head-up tilt. METHODS AND RESULTS Seventeen patients with recurrent VVS and 17 pair-matched control subjects underwent 70(More)
Transient cerebral hyperaemia following an arrhythmia has not been previously demonstrated in humans. We report the effects of head-up tilt on a 78-year-old man with neurocardiogenic syncope. During tilt, an asymptomatic arrhythmia caused arterial blood pressure and transcranial Doppler-recorded cerebral blood flow velocity to fall markedly. Upon(More)
A microprocessor-based laboratory facility is being developed as part of the computer science program in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Connecticut. This laboratory is structured to support graduate research in which the microprocessor will play a role, provide a means for introducing microprocessor-based(More)
As data mining evolves and matures more and more businesses are incorporating this technology into their business practices. However, currently data mining and decision support software is expensive and selection of the wrong tools can be costly in many ways. This paper provides direction and decision-making information to the practicing professional. A(More)
This article will discuss an automated approach to designing digital systems which is based upon the use of System Description Languages (SDL)<supscrpt>1,2,3</supscrpt> and Microprogrammable Bit Slice Microprocessors (MBSM)<supscrpt>4,5</supscrpt>. Both of these concepts have started to reach maturity in recent years with the result that Computer Aided(More)