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This chapter summarizes behavioral and neurochemical data on the delayed effect of locus coeruleus stimulation on learning capabilities in the rat. The initial observation showed that electrical stimulation of the locus coeruleus of a 15-day-old-rat improved the early stages of acquisition and extinction of a food-reinforced task performed 4 weeks later.(More)
The locus coeruleus of male rats was destroyed bilaterally by injection of 6-hydroxydopamine. Rats injected with the vehicle and normal rats served as controls. Starting 20 days after the lesion, the locomotor activity of all rats was measured for 5 min every day. For the first 6 days, the lesioned rats were significantly less active than control rats; from(More)
Nauta and Fink-Heimer silver impregnation techniques were used to study the anterior degeneration produced by radiofrequency (RF) or 6-OHDA lesions in the medial and lateral ventral mesencephalic tegmentum (VMT), substantia nigra and dorsalis tegmental decussation (DTD) in rats. Both Nauta and Fine-Heimer impregnating methods showed that RF lesion of the(More)