Bernard Bruguerolle

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The present work aims to document, in a previously described animal model of Parkinson (double bilateral striatal injection of 6-OHDA), the possible modifications of circadian markers rhythms i.e. temperature (T), heart rate (H) and locomotor activity (A) registered continuously by telemetry, in order to evaluate a possible perturbation of the circadian(More)
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) penetration and the pharmacokinetics of vancomycin were studied after continuous infusion (50 to 60 mg/kg of body weight/day after a loading dose of 15 mg/kg) in 13 mechanically ventilated patients hospitalized in an intensive care unit. Seven patients were treated for a sensitive bacterial meningitis and the other six patients,(More)
BACKGROUND Studies of the effects of tobacco smoke often rely on reported exposure to cigarette smoke, a measure that is subject to bias. We describe here the relationship between parental smoking exposure as assessed by urinary cotinine excretion and lung function in children with asthma. METHODS We studied 90 children 4-14 years of age, who reported a(More)
We studied the effects of lorazepam, a benzodiazepine, on differentiated emotions in healthy volunteers. In order to induce differentiated emotions, film excerpts were selected on the basis of the type of emotion they induced (fear, anger and for affective tone neutral film). For 6 days (D1 to D6), ten healthy volunteers received lorazepam (1 mg bid) or(More)
The existence of circadian rhythms and their implication in many pathologic processes have been underlined in several diseases but have not been evaluated in Parkinson's disease. The aim of this paper is to review diurnal variations of clinical, biologic, or experimental factors described with Parkinson's disease. Clinical data often report daily(More)
Despite nearly five decades of clinical use, vancomycin has retained a significant and uncontested niche in the antibacterial arsenal because of its consistent activity against almost all Gram-positive bacteria. Nevertheless, major vancomycin toxicities have been reported in the literature - in particular, nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity. Vancomycin(More)
Levels in serum and tissue penetration of ornidazole were studied after a single intravenous injection of 1,000 mg given to 14 patients for prophylaxis of surgical infection. They were scheduled for elective colorectal surgery. Adequate levels in blood (greater than or equal to MIC for 90% of Bacteroides fragilis strains tested) were found in all patients(More)
This study describes for the first time the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling of the psychomotor and amnesic effects of a single 2-mg oral dose of lorazepam in healthy volunteers. Twelve healthy volunteers were included in this randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled two-way crossover study. The effect of lorazepam was examined for a(More)
BACKGROUND There is a lack of information and knowledge about the practical importance of even low concentrations of the excretion of local anesthetics into breast milk, particularly concerning bupivacaine. The present work aims to confirm, under practical clinical conditions of admission of parturients, the passage of local anesthetics (lidocaine and(More)