Bernard Bourgine

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Uncertainty is a major aspect of the estimation, using models, of the risk of human exposure to pollutants. The Monte Carlo method, which applies probability theory to address model parameter uncertainty, relies on a statistical representation of available information. In recent years, the theory of possibilities has been proposed as an alternative approach(More)
Estimating forest canopy height from large-footprint satellite LiDAR waveforms is challenging given the complex interaction between LiDAR waveforms, terrain, and vegetation, especially in dense tropical and equatorial forests. In this study, canopy height in French Guiana was estimated using multiple linear regression models and the Random Forest technique(More)
In the literature different fault models are presented that depend on several characteristics of the environment such as the lithology, stratification, regional stress, fluid contents... Moreover in the faulted reservoir models for hydromechanic simulators, the fault zone is highly simplified. This zone is represented as a succession of three main(More)
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