Bernard Bosanquet

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Preface The present work is an attempt to express what I take to be the fundamental ideas of a true social philosophy. I have criticised and interpreted the doctrines of certain well-known thinkers only with the view of setting these ideas in the clearest light. This is the whole purpose of the book; and I have intentionally abstained from practical(More)
IN 1938, GILBERT MURRAY ARGUED IN Liberality and Civilization that liberalism was “not a doctrine; it is a spirit or attitude of mind . . . an effort to get rid of prejudice so as to see the truth, to get rid of selfish passions so as to do the right.”1 Murray had suggested something similar fifty years earlier, while a young fellow at Oxford in 1888. In an(More)
The twentieth century was marked by the dissolution of the modern nation state in the Great Wars that ravaged Europe. Unable to sustain a former independence, the nations of Europe turn to a common Union as the protection of the rights of individuals and the sustenance of local culture. The same century that saw the destruction of modernist political(More)
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