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In experimental research into percussion 'languages', an interactive computer system, the Bol Processor, has been developed by the authors to analyse the performances of expert musicians and generate its own musical items that were assessed for quality and accuracy by the informants. The problem of transferring knowledge from a human expert to a machine in(More)
It is my pleasure to comment on Otto Laske's paper (Leonardo 23, No. 1, 53-66, 1990). I had the opportunity to read several published papers and preprints by Laske when preparing a one-day discussion on composition theory, which he recently was invited to chair at the Laboratoire Musique et Infonnatique de Marseille (MIM). As a computer scientist, I have(More)
Advocacy for homebirth is based on the strong assumption that birthing is a physiological process and does not require medical interventions unless things turn "wrong." Let us assume that something might always go wrong, for instance during Clara's birth when the placenta was still retained after three hours. What needs to be done? The moment the midwife(More)
Experimental studies of reading and spontaneous speech analysis have brought into light the role of tonal patterns (an aspect of speech prosody) in conveying rhetoric aspects of verbal communication hitherto overlooked by classical linguistic analysis. Speakers tend to rely on tonal patterns — basically excursions of the fundamental pitch " F0 " — to make(More)
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