Bernard A. Cohen

Robert N Holdefer2
Maria E Baldwin1
Daniel S Heffez1
2Robert N Holdefer
1Maria E Baldwin
1Daniel S Heffez
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Oscillations in the beta frequency range (β-LFP) are widely distributed throughout the motor system, modulated by dopaminergic medications, and locally generated in the subthalamic nucleus (STN) and ventral intermediate nucleus of the thalamus (VIM). We investigated the feasibility of recording intraoperative β-LFP signals and their descriptive summary(More)
STUDY DESIGN EMG threshold testing as a guide to accurate screw placement was examined during posterior cervical spine instrumentation. The accuracy of screw placements was compared with the surgeon blinded and unblinded to EMG thresholds. OBJECTIVE To determine the utility of EMG threshold testing in improving screw placements in the lateral mass and(More)
The escalating competition between online pornography-seeking and disseminating behaviors and technologies that attempt to reduce them creates technical, semantic and legal barriers to the legitimate discussion of and education about sensitive health issues involving sexuality, anatomy and pathology, especially when image-based knowledge is used. The(More)
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